Separation of frequency-dependent scattering and inelastic absorption by waveform inversion of VSP data constrained by well logs

  • Автор: Pirogova A.S.
  • Журнал: Moscow University Geology Bulletin
  • Том: 74
  • Номер: 5
  • Год издания: 2019
  • Издательство: Allerton Press Inc.
  • Местоположение издательства: United States
  • Первая страница: 521
  • Последняя страница: 524
  • DOI: 10.3103/S0145875219050089
  • Аннотация: This paper presents an approach to estimation of frequency-dependent attenuation of seismic waves that propagate in the earth’s subsurface. This approach is based on the waveform inversion of vertical seismic profiling data acquired in a borehole. The use of well log data (in particular, sonic and density logs) in the forward modeling routine makes it possible to separate two factors that cause frequency-dependent seismic attenuation. In particular, the inversion facilitates separation of 1D scattering versus inelastic absorption in the horizontally layered subsurface.
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